Top Ten Reasons to Book KIDBUCK$

  1. We create smiles, laughter and memories that will be talked about long after the event has ended.
  2. Our shows offer good clean family fun. You never have to worry about questionable or offensive content in our shows. On another level, our games are very clean and don’t involve any sticky or messy substances such as slime, whip cream or shaving cream.
  3. Our games are action based and involve movement and activity. There is no couch potato Trivia on our show. We like to keep kids exercising and on the move!
  4. All of our staff are a pleasure to deal with both on and off stage.
  5. The Media loves to cover of our unique shows as they offer many photo opportunities That include both an event attraction and participants from the audience, gaining your event valuable publicity.
  6. We involve more audience members on-stage then most shows. Everyone loves to see their kid on-stage!
  7. We give prizes away to all of our contestants.
  8. Our stage and set up is very impressive and always draws interest and excitement and enhances the beauty of your midway.
  9. We have a high rate of repeat bookings and returning audience members.
  10. We have a large repertoire of games to draw upon to keep our show fresh and new from year to year.